Best Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids love doing various art work and craft and have some fun while in the process of being creative. Little do they know that it helps to learn how to become creative in their thinking!!

Promoting creativity in your child helps him develop mentally, emotionally and socially. According to the author of Primary Art- Its the process, not the product, the author mentioned that creating art may boost children’s analyzing and problem solving ability.

For a good learning experience, you would want to integrate arts and crafts into your child’s academics. Art and craft activities will help them being more creative and enhance their natural abilities which could lead to life changing impact on their career.

There are many untold art and craft ideas available for kids of different group of different taste and preference. You should be mindful while choosing the ideas and those should be enjoyable and educational. Arts & crafts ideas are also a fantastic way to keep your children engaged specially when the weather is not good such as snowy or rainy days. Here are some great ideas that would keep your kids busy:

1. Christmas Wreaths – Take some natural leaves and create wreaths. Paint them with gold and silver color to decorate it. Sometimes you can use nut wreath and can be a good gift for nut lovers and kids love this kind of project from their favorite eatables.

2. Recycled Cards – These kind of craft work is good for pre schoolers and understand the importance of recycling. With this eco friendly art and craft , kids can just simply cut message part of the curd and get them glued to make a new card.

3. Snowflakes – Trace a circle on the color construction paper and cut out the circle. Fold the circle in half- 3 times and then draw the edges with a pencil. with scissors cut along the designs. Unfold these folds carefully and you will find a beautiful snowflake. Kids can use gillter to be more creative.

4. Cotton Ball Snowman – With glue, make three circles which will form the outline of your snowman. Fill each circle with glue and stick cotton balls to the glue circles to form the snowman. Give your snowman a face and other accessories like hat, gloves etc.

5. Piggy Bank (Homemade) – Cover a shoe box with construction paper with your kids. Make a small cut to put money. Take an egg carton and cut two cups. Paint the cups and add googly eyes. Add these to the box with glue to make frog’s eye. Cut the paper and create legs and that becomes the frog leg.

6. Pasta Jewelry – Take different shapes of pastas, paintbrush, needle, yarn thread, one poster paint. Paint pasta shapes in different colors and then string it once dried up and then tie the ends. Your pasta jewelry is ready.

These are some of the cost – effective and simplest art and craft ideas that they can easily create and have fun. You can also use your individual creative ideas or involve activities that interests your kid. Keep in mind- don’t be complex and allow time and space because children acquire skills at their own pace. Being patient and persistent is the deal. Don’t forget, safety is also important hence choose non toxic supplies for the safety of your child


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