How to Download and Install Pokemon Go APK

Pokemon Go got millions of players from across the globe. All of them have been waiting for something new in the game. Finally, the presence of Pokemon Go APK gave a twist to the way it is played. Probably, you are wondering how to get started with this game. Continue reading to get more information about this cool game.

What’s New About Pokemon Go APK?

Pokemon Go Latest APK version has been made safe to download and install since it has been verified by the gaming experts. With this version, you can have the following:

  • Fix bugs causing users to get stuck on loading screen. You also do this even after you have restarted the app.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Pokemon Go Plus as well as incense
  • Capture location
  • Fix bugs where camera moves at a slow speed during the battle.

Pokemon Go slowly rolls out across the world and it is now available for download before it is officially released at the local Play stores. Pokemon GO APK has been already tested and has been proven legitimate. Gamers expect new updates since it has a lot of improvements and fixes to get into the game mechanics.

More About Pokemon Go

This game is currently in the process of upgrading to versions 1.11.2 for all iOS devices and 0.41.2 for all Android devices. There are some comments and notes given by its development team:

  • Minor fixes
  • Incubator and Egg screens – This is periodic update of distance that has been walked without the need to reopen and close the screen on the part of the trainer.
  • Upgrade of Gym training – The trainer can bring 6 Pokemon into the battle at certain friendly Gyms.
  • Catch bonus – The trainer earns a catch bonus depending on the Pokemon type.
  • Fixed various audio issues
  • Decreased animation time of the evolution

This gameplay has been amazing for most of its fans. There are millions of Pokemon Go players and they continue to grow in number. There is nothing to worry about downloading and installing Pokemon Go APK . It is due to the reason that its developers guarantee that this is complete fine and legal corresponding to Terms of Service. Thus, there is no chance of getting banned in the future.

Be one of the best players of Pokemon Go. Try the latest version of Pokemon Go APK to get the most out of this game.